Gründung der Firma "WERNER LANGER METALLWAREN" durch Werner Langer und seine Ehefrau Alice

Establishment of the company "WERNER LANGER METALLWAREN" by Werner Langer and his wife Alice.
Production of model signs for the foundry industry as well as items of jewellery.


Purchase of premises / a land plot in Berge with building of the first own workshop.


1964  Start of the production of plastic items. The first machine is an Arburg C4b. 300 kg of plastic granules are ordered for letters and dowels. Furthermore, plastic parts for the lighting industry are manufactured.


The production of plastic items is partly relocated to the neighbouring village Eslohe-Bremke. In the course of that year, an extension for the production of plastic parts is built / completed. 


A utilised agricultural area is designated as an industrial estate by Meschede’s local council. The opportunity is taken and a 12,500 m² plot is purchased.


Luftbild Langer Kunststofftechnik

Completion of the first construction section "Auf dem Lohnsberg", followed by 7 further sections over the course of time.


The subsidiary / branch in Eslohe-Bremke is given up and the production is relocated back to Berge.

August 1992

Relocation of administration and production of model signs from "Reimberg 6" to "Lohnsberg 6". The old factory building is converted into apartments.


First certification according to DIN EN ISO 9002.


Sharp / considerable decline in trading with components for residential lighting. This decline continues over the following years, as the manufacturers of residential lighting tend to move their production to China.


Development and production of the first brakes / brake rollers for pallet flow systems. In the next years an increasing customer’s interest in these products is recorded. / Within the next years more and more customers are attracted by these products. / within the next years more and more customers are gained for these products.


Introduction of new tools for housings for electronic mounting devices. With these tools variations of standard housings can be manufactured cost-effectively.


Purchase of a 5-axis milling machine. With this machine more complex and more accurate tools for the production of plastic parts can be manufactured / prepared.


Expansion of the machinery up to 5.000 kN clamping force. So we can now cover clamping forces from 120 – 5,000 kN and a part weight of up to 800g.


„familienfreundliches Unternehmen im Hochsauerlandkreis

Certification as a “family-friendly company in the district Hochsauerlandkreis“

Our company today

WERNER LANGER GmbH &Co. KG is an economically sound company. 100 employees produce in 3-shift production on an area of approx.. 8.000 m2 about 6.000 different technical plastic parts.

We create values for our customers. As a competent partner for plastics processing we provide our customers with individual and complex solutions along the value chain. We accompany the projects from the development through construction and tool making to the finished product.

The customer specify his requirements, we offer the solution.

The company has developed to an important economic factor in the town Meschede. The company's philosophy was developed years ago –Proficiency in plastics – from idea to production - and has earned the company an excellent reputation. Today’s concept of “just-in-time” delivery has already been practiced in our company from foundation on and is not new to us. Today’s key concept, “just in time” delivery, is nothing new to us, because we have been putting it into practice since the company was founded.

The company’s technical equipment of the company is at the highest level. Both in the production of plastics as well as in the mould construction we use the most modern machines together with current production methods.
In production the continuous modernization and automation enables us to reach a multiple of the output quantities in comparison with just a few years ago, without employing any new staff.

Company profile

Year of founding: 1949

Employees: 100

Certification: DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015 TÜV CERT

Range of services:

1. Construction of products and injection moulding tools
In the CAD - CAM sector we apply the fully integrated solution from Siemens PLM NX ® by Siemens ®.
To evaluate / calculate the filling behaviour of the plastic parts we work with MoldFlow TripAdvisor ®.

2. Tool construction
Precision machines such as CNC controlled  and manual moulding machines with up to 5 axis, finishing presses, wire and vertical eroding machines, grinding machines, etc, are nowadays standard in modern tool construction.

3. Production
40 injection moulding machines from 120kN bis 5.000kN, mainly equipped with handling appliances or CND controlled insertion and removal automatons and 2K injection moulding processing, guarantee a wide production spectrum.
Finishing, ultrasonic welding, screen and pad printing, assembly, packaging, and logistics services complete our range of services.

4. Quality control
The quality requirements are set by our customers. And we stick to them! We are certified according to DIN EN ISO 9001 : 2015 TÜV CERT Link Zertifikat

We can carry out the following quality tests a tour own site:

  • Heat filament test in accordance  with EN 60695 part 2 / VDE 0471 part 2
  • MFI measurement in accordance with DIN ISO 1133 ( DIN 53735)
  • Moisture measurement using infrared drying
  • Colour comparison measurement
  • Surface roughness measurement
  • Ball pressure test
  • Determination of thermal stress
  • Shore A and D measurement

5. Special services
Cooperation can begin in advance of tool construction: product development in view of the most efficient manufacturing with continuing support afterwards: storage of tools and possible stocking of standard parts. Of course, we also offer the assembly of components. Depending on parts and requirements, this is done at our premises, integration workshops, or external service providers.

Job training / vocational training

To give chances to the youth and also to have qualified employees in future, we offer vocational trainings for the following professions:

  • Industrial clerk (m/f)

Industrial clerks are „all-rounder“ in the company. Whether purchase department, sales department, human resources, accounting, marketing, or organization department, industrial clerks are used in all fields and are therefore circulating through the single mentioned departments during their training.

More information on http://berufenet.arbeitsagentur.de/berufe/start?dest=profession&prof-id=7965

  • Tool Mechanic (m/f)

    This profession is also referred to as a toolmaker. The training is of course equally suitable for women and men. They work with most modern machinery which can be adjusted to an accuracy of  0.01 mm. For this profession the computer is an indispensable element. But tool makers also have to be skillful in manual work / technically skillful. As a team-worker they cooperate with colleagues and engineers on the tools that later on manufacture the plastic parts.

More information on http://berufenet.arbeitsagentur.de/berufe/start?dest=profession&prof-id=29051

  • Process Mechanic for plastic and rubber technology (m/f)

In colloquial terms we name this profession plastic moulder. You are responsible for a smooth production process, set up machines, organize and supervise the production, locate and eliminate faults and carry out quality checks.

In addition to technical and mechanical insights, you will get an extensive knowledge of the various types of plastic and their chemical properties.

More information on http://berufenet.arbeitsagentur.de/berufe/start?dest=profession&prof-id=1208


  • Technical product designer (m/f)

Product designer create with the help of computers 3D-data and drawings of products which later leave our company as a finished part. They prepare the production and coordinate the customers’ needs and wishes with the possibilities of materials and tool performance. They subsequently monitor and evaluate the work results.

More information on http://berufenet.arbeitsagentur.de/berufe/start?dest=profession&prof-id=90588

  • Employee for warehouse logistics(m/f)

The qualified employee for warehouse logostics not only knows where to find the materials in the warehouse, but also how a well-organized work flow and tour schedule can be achieved

This profession is a challenging and rather new training, which originated from the packaging technologists.

More information on http://berufenet.arbeitsagentur.de/berufe/start?dest=profession&prof-id=27448